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Title: Ultraviolet
Type: Shrine
Creator: Tomu
Content: 9
Design: 9
Speed: 8
Overall: 9

Lethe Adores: Tons of amazing write-ups!
Lethe Abhors: Movie archive is down, but aren't those things always down?

Mnemosyne Adores: The page on why Hotaru ISN'T a goth is interesting and breaks away from the routine rumors
Mnemosyne Abhors: The server it's on is always slow ~_~

(for those of you lacking in vocabulary skills, abhor means to detest)

LETHE: I definately like the design of this page! The webmaster strives to do something original and manages to pull it off perfectly! But that's not what's most important right? *moves on to the contents*

The information section tells much more than just Hotaru's stats and attacks. It is divided into several sections that give detailed information not only about Sailorsaturn, but everyone she encounters such as her friends, family, and other senshi.

The archive section includes some of the site creator's favorite images, definately good choices. There are also some audio clips and a defunct movie section. Hopefully it will be up soon!

The whole goth ordeal has an entire section. I guess the webmaster really wanted to make sure he has us thoroughly convinced! Here you'll be able to read up on the truth about goths in Japan and why the most common ideas about Hotaru being goth are FUBAR! =P Another part of the Goth section is a page about Wicca, which I have only seen on one other page. This page also condemns the idea of Hotaru being goth and using Wicca to heal wounds or whatever ^^

Ooh! Some creative stuff here! An interview with Hotaru and a page of opinions! I should send in my thoughts ^_^ There is also a "Web Stuff" section with links, webring, etc... but who cares about that! =P

MNEMOSYNE: The information section is great, it gives us all the information we need to know about Hotaru & Co! There's definately a lot here for you to read... wow, I've never seen anyone go into so much detail over attacks ^^

There isn't a whole lot in the multimedia section, opening the movie archive would really help. The image gallery is nice, but rather small. I suppose it doesn't matter though because there are already some pretty big image galleries out there with Saturn pics anyway.

In the gothic section, the writer makes a good point about Saturn being the senshi of rebirth. The other articles found in this part of the shrine are very insiteful as well, particularly the page about Wicca.

I don't know how many people actually bother to read the webmaster's reasons for making the page, but I sure do! I found his reasons to be pretty interesting and fairly opposite from the usual Saturn fan ^_^ In the same section there is also an interview with Hotaru and some opinion stuff

Conclusion: This shrine is extremely well-done and will probably become one of the best resources of info on Sailorsaturn. The site has a great theme of "the lighter side of Hotaru" and we're pretty sure many others will share the same views as the creator of Ultraviolet!

Suggestions: Quite honestly, we feel that this is a pretty complete shrine to Hotaru. Of course there's no doubt that more CAN be added, but we don't really feel the need to push anything on it. The only things the webmaster should look into is the movie section and perhaps a few more sounds.