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Title: Couples That Shoulda Coulda Been
Type: Analysis
Creator: Minako-chan
Content: 3
Design: 2
Speed: 4
Overall: 3

Lethe Adores: It's a creative idea
Lethe Abhors: Yuck! What a bad background/text combo!

Mnemosyne Adores: I like the idea as well, I just think it deserved a better execution
Mnemosyne Abhors: Er.. it's just an opinion, but I don't see these couples as good matches ^^ The reasoning doesn't seem to really be based on anything either.

(for those of you lacking in vocabulary skills, abhor means to detest)

LETHE: I tried to be nice when rating this site...

Well first of all, the title image is poorly made. Plain text would have looked and matched the page a lot better. This, however, is the least of the problems on this page!

Okay, the first couple is Ryoga & Ukyou... hey, I thought this was a Sailormoon page? Oh well, I'll just ignore that section then. *sweeps it under the carpet when no one is looking* O_o; Anyway, moving on we have Seiya and Minako. *clicks link and is immediately blinded by a bright and scary background, scrolling text, scattered images and hard-to-see text* I can't take thisssss!!!! X.x *dead*

Um.. Lethe? *blink blink* you okay? *pokes her with a sharp stick* hehe >:D
Lethe: AIEEEEEE!!!! O_O; What did you do that for!?
Mnemosyne: I though you died of a heart attack after viewing that page.
Lethe: It's more likely I'm gonna take a seizure at this point *starts foaming at the mouth*
Mnemosyne: Er.. um.. eek! O.O;;;;;;; *locks Lethe in the closet and decides to give her own review now*

This is definately a case of a good idea gone bad. I can imagine it sounded all good and well in her head, but as soon as it was transformed into an actual webpage, all hell broke loose. In fact, after viewing this page for 2 minutes, my computer actually crashed! I guess it's not agreeing with it =P

While looking through this page I found an awful lot of obvious spelling errors and really bad grammar. These really take away from the site when reading it, making it appear to be written by a three-year-old.

Another icky item is the MIDI background music! Well I'm not going to say must be removed because it's a matter of personal opinion, but a lot of visitors will probably find it annoying.

Now let's take a look at the couples section. I definately don't know what the deal with this Ranma stuff is being that we found this page on a Sailormoon link list and everything else on here is Sailormoon. There's a section about Seiya and Minako after it. I've never seen that anywhere before because most people are obsessed with the idea of Usagi getting together with Seiyuu, not Minako! But then it's just a fan's opinion ^_^ Let's take a look at it! ...ACK! What an awful match in colors! The background makes it absolutely impossible to read unless you highlight it. Let's see... these reasons aren't really that well thought out.. at least I don't think so. Reasons why Minako is girlfriend material for Seiyuu include: "She was Sailor V. As popular if not more popular than Sailor Moon." and "She makes a way better leader!" What's the deal with that? I don't see them as important factors in relationships!!

I think I've seen enough of this page... I can't come up with anything good to say about it and would hate to continue the criticism ^_^;

Conclusion: I don't know what the owner was thinking when they created this page, but hopefully this wasn't their original intentions!

Suggestions: Get rid of the backgrounds before I puke! Oops.. sorry, that was rude wasn't it? ^^ Use a spell checker to fix those little errors everywhere, it will really improve the page. And definately, use your brain to come up with supportive reasons, bot pointless statements!