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Title: Greenstone
Type: Shrine
Creator: Sarah-neko
Content: 9
Design: 9
Speed: 9
Overall: 9

Lethe Adores: Nice and neat layout that isn't like every other page
Lethe Abhors: Tiny font size used on the pages looks nice, but gets a bit straining after a while

Mnemosyne Adores: Unique couple to focus on, great originality!
Mnemosyne Abhors: For some reason the link to the introduction is practically hidden by the background, I almost missed it!

(for those of you lacking in vocabulary skills, abhor means to detest)

LETHE: The green everywhere is awesome! I adore that color ^_^ The front page layout is definately very pleasing to the eye and would probably encourage any visitor to proceed to the folloiwing sections.

The writings here describing the two characters are very insightful and tells you a lot you might not have even known. Also, the few quotes scattered around were quite charming. They add a nice touch!

This page even includes detailed information on Naru's second major crush mentioned, Umino Gurio. Here his tale starts out at the very beginning of Sailormoon when he's crushing on Usagi. It's great that the author put so much into this section rather than briefly mentioning his relationship with Naru after Nephrite's death.

MNEMOSYNE: I really like the author's descriptive writing style. It's set up in an interesting way that gives you information and also points out some speculations.

A definate plus is the episode section with summaries for those who are unfamiliar with Nephrite and Naru or who are anxious to read over their story again. Most pages would just skip over all that and give you a simple summary without the precious details of the relationship.

The fanworks section was a really great idea because I've noticed that this couple has been a fairly common theme for fanart and fanfic because like me, so many people were dissatisfied by the ending of Nephrite and Naru's relationship. You can't help wondering what would have happened if Nephrite lived on.

Conclusion: A very complete site, Sarah didn't leave anything out as far as information goes! The layout is also very original, it's nice, neat and creative. Outstanding work!

Suggestions: This shrine is pretty good the way it is, but it would help if the font size was increases a bit. If this is done the table width should probably be slightly increased as well so it won't look smooshed with a larger font. A good option that wouldn't effect the table width so much and still look good would be to use a style sheet to increase the pt size by 1.