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Title: @ Geocities
Type: General
Creator: Zenon
Content: 2
Design: 1
Speed: 10
Overall: 3

Lethe Adores: Um... well... er... yeah... eh heh heh ^_^;;
Lethe Abhors: The title, no design, cut and paste job

Mnemosyne Adores: I wish I had something to put here!
Mnemosyne Abhors: I agree on the title too, it's just SOOOOO WRONG!!

(for those of you lacking in vocabulary skills, abhor means to detest)

LETHE: First of all, I was caught by the name. Despite it's title, it is NOT at because that domain is owned by another person. You cannot name your website after a domain you do not have, especially when it already exists under someone else's name. This is very rude and unbelievably dumb!!!

Anyway, after clicking the link I see a see a MIDI file player, YUCK! At least it has a stop button. Next I notice the messy image of Usagi with the annoying title of From the looks of it, the owner didn't even put a lot of work into this page. The background was left as white, the text is Times New Roman, and the whole page is centered.

I'll move onto the links now, which are HUGE I might add. First on the list is 'My Rings'. I should hope that's not their first priority! A lot of broken images on that page. It might not be their fault because they are ring fragments linked form the original page graphics, but they should still remove the dead links if they have any pride in a good page.

I could be wrong, but the episode guide, song lyrics, and japanese lesson pages look like a cut and paste job. Absolutely nothing else was done to these page, not even a few small images. They look incredibly boring.

Nothing in the link section, I don't even know why it's a menu item. The 'Win an Award' section is the same thing cept the top couple of sentences have changed.

Quiz section has misspellings and it's a combination of the NA dub and original Japanese version of Sailormoon. A very bad thing to do. If your site includes information on both versions, please keep them seperate. Another annoying thing is the school question because the characters grow up during the series and things don't stay as they were in the dub. Good grief, I can't stand when people are too dumb to think!

Link to I don't know why this is in such a strange location as if it's a part of their page rather than in the link section, but they misspelled it so clicking it doesn't work anyway.

There's also a message board which has a really bright, really large background which makes the text impossible to read without highlighting it.

Below the forum link is a broken image that points to their own site. Apparently it's a button for their site but it's not mentioned anywhere. Lastly, there's a link to Zap Zone Network on the bottom followed by some jibberish letters... I can't figure out what that's supposed to mean ^_^;

MNEMOSYNE: This has got to the the plainest Sailormoon page I've ever seen and yet it boasts what would be considered by most, the most prized title--one that they don't deserve for many reasons. But that's not all, it's hardly got any content and what is available isn't worth much. How much time did they spend on this? Setting up a Geocities account for it would take longer than creating it!

No alterations have been made to the design of this page. It's the default background color with black text. Everything is centered too, which has always been a pet peeve of mine. I also find the same boring divider line as seen on one million other SM pages. WHOO HOO!

The menu is hard to miss with it's monster size text and because it's one of the few hints of color on this page. Starting it off with the ring section wasn't a very wise choice because it's not a very important section. Webring pages should be toward the bottom of the pile.

Oddly, many of the pages include this at the bottom before the link back to the main page: 'Links to other sites on the Web'. It would seem that this person used their link page as a basis for every other page and didn't remember to delete that part or even look at it again to make sure everything worked out ok.

I'm brought to a listing of the SM characters after clicking on the image gallery link. Unfortunately, they all lead to Geocities error pages. Bleh. There are several other unfinished section such as the links and awards.

The quiz is a total disaster and seems to be thrown together regardless of the differences between the DiC dub and original version of Sailormoon. I hate it when people who don't know much about the Japanese version try to write about it. It ends up totally uneducated and confuses everyone else.

Did anyone else notice that this person has at least 3 different e-mail addresses on this page? That's kind of wierd. Stick with one already! You're very confusing!

Conclusion: Don't listen to this webmaster's intro stating, 'This is your Sailor Moon information site', because that's far from the truth! I can't help thinking this must be some kind of joke ^^

Suggestions: Select a new title based on your own creation, keep DiC and the original seperate, make an attempt at real content, set a background color of some sort and add some small images, change background image on message board, look at your pages after creating them to be sure everything works, don't put up totally incomplete sections.