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Title: Images Under the Moonlight
Type: Multimedia
Creator: DK1098
Content: 9
Design: 9
Speed: 8
Overall: 9

Lethe Adores: *droools over the beautiful graphics* It's so aesthetically pleasing, I'm gonna cry!! '^_^'
Lethe Abhors: The name 'Darien' only has one 'r'. It's mispelled throughout the page. Also, I've never been too sure on this, but I've seen Chibi-Usa's english name as Reeny or Rini, never 'Reni'

Mnemosyne Adores: Astounding graphics, I'm really jealous!
Mnemosyne Abhors: Cross-linking files in the music section. Even if permission is given, it's always bugged me ^^

(for those of you lacking in vocabulary skills, abhor means to detest)

LETHE: This is certaintly a cool collection of Sailormoon STUFF! It isn't just an image archive as the title would suggest because it also includes information on the senshi, music files, winamp skins and clips. Altogether it's a great media site with something that's quite likely to catch your eye, especially with such a serene layout.

I really liked how the gallery section uses a different twist on thumbnails by overlapping them into a really cool image map. It seems like a lot of time was put into the arrangement. You'll have to see for yourself to understand the creativity of it ^_^

With an archive of 10,000 Sailormoon images sitting on my hard drive (yes, I'm obsessed and insane) I was familiar with a good amount of the images at this site but there were still quite a few unique pics that I hadn't even seen before! Very cool.

MNEMOSYNE: The use of colors is beautiful and the graphics have obviously been put together really well ^_^ Each senshi link takes you to a character page with info and a menu for the rest of the media associated with them. The writing is excellent and it's great that there's a lot more to offer in the gallery or movie files. You can also hear the beautiful music that goes along with them and this site even supplies some Winamp skins to add to your desktop surroundings!

Most media shrines are hastily thrown together because everyone knows it doesn't take a brilliant design when dealing with Sailormoon images or sounds, they'll get visitors no matter what! Its just so refreshing to find that one in a million which is likely to be worth the visit.

Conclusion: You can definately adequately describe this site with the words 'eye candy' because it's so easy on the eyes and the layout was certaintly thought out well. A great place for those in search of SM media to check out.

Suggestions: Found some broken links in the MIDI area, they should be fixed up as soon as possible before they take away from the site.