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This section was created so that Mnemosyne and I could discuss certain issues and rant about things in the Sailormoon community. Everything here is solely our opinions and you might not agree with them, but please don't throw a fit if you have conflicting thoughts on the the subject.

Can I write an article for your editorial section?

Maybe. Right now we plan on having only one editorial per month. Otherwise it might get to be a pain to organize and look more like the AQ's Lemure files. That's not our intention. But if you feel that you have an insightful article that we might like to post, send it to riversenshi@moon.co.jp and we'll take a look at it. If we have room for it, we just might use it. Don't forget to include your name so that we may give proper credit to the author.

Sailormoon Spirit

It would seem that at least some part the online world of Sailormoon is at war with itself. It's like anything else. Controversies arise and everyone's got an opinion on it that they'd like to clearly express. It's great to have a voice in the matter when it's something you feel very strongly about, but there's so many immature people out there who take things to far. They curse and scream rather than simply stating their problem or ideas. A good number of the people involved in these arguments go to extremes, acting as though the world is about to end--or even worse, the SM society will cease to exist on the internet. However, this is far from the truth.

Sure some SM sites have vanished, but more and more pop up everyday. They're practically like a plague. Hasn't anyone else noticed this? Why are so many people complaining that Sailormoon is dying when it's obviously still a flourishing element on the web. I think it will be quite a while before enough fans call it quits to make a noticable dent. And there will always be at least some SM sites on the web, even if it's no longer broadcasted. You can look up any old show on the net and find plenty of pages on it... which always shocks me because it's pretty amazing that so many people are still dedicated to their past loves like that.

Someone who never gets out of their small clique may not see the fresh batch of SM sites because their too caught up in silly matters, but others know that SM will live on. Open your eyes for goodness sake and stop your whining!