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Q. Someone signed my guestbook using your names, was that you? Didn't you think my page was good enough to review?

A. Neither one of us will ever sign a guestbook, leave a message on a forum, or chat in a chatroom using the names "Mnemosyne" or "Lethe". As characters of Sailormoon, it's likely that someone else is using those nicknames too.

Q. Why did you give my page a bad review? It's my first homepage, you have no right to criticise!

A. If you used huge fonts, lots of blinking text, crazy backgrounds that make the words hard to read or plagurized someone else's site, it doesn't matter how many pages you've made! Don't you have a brain? Common sense will tell you how awful it looks!

Q. You said I didn't credit so-and-so for something but I did!!

A. If we didn't find it, you must have it pretty well-hidden. It's not fair to hide the truth!

Q. Who made you the authority on what makes a good webpage?

A. No one, it's all just personal opinions... most of which I would assume many others would agree with!