Desert River Senshi Shrine
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The animamates are the villians of the SailorStars season of Sailormoon. They are, in our opinion, the coolest group of villians in the entire series. Unfortunately, a some of them are left out of the anime... so even if you HAVE seen the show, you may not be familar with some of the characters below.

Sailor Iron Mouse
The first animamate to appear, Iron Mouse is a cute and comical character. She is quickly ridded by Galaxia though for repeated failures.

Sailor Aluminum Siren
A silly girl who discovers the identies of the inner senshi and starlights, but is killed by Galaxia before the information can be revealed.

Sailor Lead Crow
She is friend/partner to Aluminum Siren, helping her as a teacher. According to the manga, she is killed by Sailormoon. In the anime she is killed by her next partner, Tin Nyanko.

Sailor Tin Nyanko
She looks like a cat with a headpiece adorned with pointed ears. Although she may seem cute, she is an evil character who always fought with Lead Crow.

Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon
After stealing human starseeds, she would turn their souls into butterflies because she had a great love for the winged creatures. She also has large butterfly wings herself.

Sailor Chi and Sailor Phi
These two are nothing but pure evil. They serve Galaxia and have no sympathy for anyone. They kill Sailor Lethe and Sailor Mnemosyne as well as Kakyuu.

Sailor Lethe and Sailor Mnemosyne
A couple of river guardians threatened by Galaxia to work for her. They side with Sailormoon after realizing their mistakes but are soon killed by Phi and Chi.