Desert River Senshi Shrine
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Sailor Lethe and Sailor Mnemosyne only appeared in the Sailormoon manga. Because they guard the rivers in Shadow Galactica, which is all desert, they are sometimes referred to as the Desert River Senshi. Neither one of these "villians" are truely evil, but Galactica threatened their small planets so that the two were forced to work for her.

Sailor Lethe is the guardian of the River of Oblivian, which is part of the Zero star of Saggitarius (also known as the Galaxy Cauldron). She comes from the planet Lethe. Although she looks much like Mnemosyne, there are a few things both physically and personalitity wise to distinguish the pair. Lethe wears a green dress and her hair sort of loops in the back four times, then sweeps down into spiraled ponytails. If you look at her face you'll notice that she has a cold glare, unlike Mnemosyne's soft glances. The crueler eyes fit Lethe's personality though. She is not truely evil, but certaintly isn't as timid as Mnemosyne.

Sailor Mnemosyne is the guardian of the River of Memory, also in the Zero star of Saggitarius. She is from the planet Mnemosyne. Mnemosyne can be distinguished by her purple dress and four curly ponytails tied with small string bows. Mnemosyne's weakness is her timid personality. She can't do much on her own and was easily tricked by Galaxia to work for her.

The pair's only known attack is "Galactica Musotis Alpastonis!" Details of this attack are unknown, but Lethe uses it against Sailormoon and causes her great pain.