Desert River Senshi Shrine
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Here are some small excepts and quotes related to Sailor Lethe and Sailor Mnemosyne from the Sailormoon manga. By far, there are more by Lethe.. she just happens to be more of a loud-mouth ^^

Lethe: That huge light is coming toward us.
Mnemosyne: The war is beginning. I'm scared, Lethe.
Lethe: It's all right, Mnemosyne. I'll protect you.
Mnemosyne: For our peaceful and happy future, we won't take one step away from here.

Lethe: I am Lethe. I am the ferryman of this desert river. Please come aboard, foreigners.

Lethe: Your memories as a person have no value. Even that body is only a vessel. The thing that has value to us is power only!

Lethe: Those with life, are born to die.

Usagi: Why are you trying to kill me?
Lethe: Because you came here to lose everything.

Mnemosyne: Sailor Moon has been hurt enough! Leave the final judgement to Galaxia-sama.

Lethe: This time we'll have peace and happiness, Mnemosyne.

Lethe: Have you forgotten!? The oath by which we decided to follow Galaxia, to achieve our own peace and happiness!? Our planets were small, and poor. It was always chaotic, with never-ending fights. Galaxia appeared, and death and silence came to our planets. We had no choice but to follow her. But if there is a lasting victory to the war, and Galaxia unites the galaxy, we will have our new future, surely!

Lethe: But, Sailor Moon, is there a peaceful and happy future with you? A future where there is no war? Sailor Moon, the power you carry calls for war! As long as you exist, the wars will not end. From where we stand, the enemy is you! Whoever wins, the future will surely be the same. I will end this war now. I just want to have peace and happiness, together with Mnemosyne. That's all.

Lethe: Even if we don't repair things, if you die, if you don't die, the war will not end.