Desert River Senshi Shrine
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Eternal Sailormoon, Chibichibi, the Starlights and Princess Kakyuu arrive at Zero Star Sagitarious. There is sand for as far as they can see and the group doesn't know how they will manage to cross the vast expanse until a hooded ferryman standing upon a small boat on the sand with an oar in hand invites them to come aboard. With no other choice, they go ahead and accept the offer.

The boat starts to drift across the sand until the sand starts to liquify, causing the boat to sink. Sailormoon is tossed into the water which is actually the River of Oblivion. She turns back into human form and begins to forget everything. Usagi then sees a girl with four ponytails wearing a green dress. This girl, who is known as Lethe, begins to ask her questions about her cats (Luna, Artemis and Diana) and her lover, Mamoru. Usagi's replies are hazy and then Lethe suddenly blasts the cats to pieces.

Usagi can't believe what has been done to the cats and questions Lethe's amazing strength. Lethe tells her that everything born must die and attacks her with the oar and uses the phrase, "Galactica Musotis Alpastonis!" Usagi is struck with unbelievable pain as another girl with a purple dress appears. She is Mnemosyne.

Lethe continues to attack Usagi, planning to kill her but Mnemosyne quickly stops her. Lethe is very angry and asks why Mnemosyne stopped her. Mnemosyne tells her that they should let Galaxia make the final judgement on the matter.

Usagi transforms back into Sailormoon and returns to the surface of the river with her memories back in tact. Mnemosyne creates a sphere around her for protection. Lethe is mad at Mnemosyne for betraying her but Mnemosyne doesn't care. She continues to help the group by returning Kakyuu's memories as well.

The pair introduce themselves to Sailormoon, Kakyuu, ChibiChibi, and the Starlights who they then help to find Galaxia's palace. Everyone discusses the war, wondering if anything will ever make it really end. Sailormoon says that she'd give up her life if it meant the end of the war. Lethe tells her not to die, it won't solve anything.

Suddenly two animates, Sailor Phi and Sailor Chi, appear on pillars of sand. They call Lethe and Mnemosyne useless fools and then sweep their sceptors through the two girls. Mnemosyne and Lethe hold each other hands while calling each other's names as they disintegrate into ash.