Page Tips
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We felt that if we're going to go criticising pages, we shoudl at least give a little bit of information on how to improve ^^ And so, here's our very small page of tips. Perhaps it will expand in the future ^_^


First of all, why do you want to make a page? Are you trying to make a popular page for the purpose of praise or would you rather make a page on something you love for fun? Hopefully you're doing it for yourself because hoping to please others is a bad way to start out.

Be confident while creating your page so that it will be written and designed to the best of your ability, but don't let your expectations get too high because you may be in for a big let-down. Making webpages is harder than it looks and it will take quite a bit of hard work and dedication to improve. Nobody's first page is perfect.. in fact, no page at all is perfect! There's flaws in everything. Just don't get too upset if your plans don't work out as you hoping they would!


  • Over-sized Egos: A page proclaiming how wonderful you are just makes me wanna puke! Even worse is when you use adjectives like great, best, and ultimate in your title. Get a grip, chances are your page isn't the greatest on earth and ever if it was, I certaintly would wanna hear about it!
  • Copycats: As soon as someone actually comes up with an original idea for their page, suddenly there has to be a zillion other ones popping up that copy the same idea or design.
  • Java Prompts: Wow! You asked for my name, do I get a prize?! Bleh.. there's absolutely no point to these! Especially the ones that simply ask you to sign their guestbook.
  • Monster-size Text: Yucky! Whatever possesses you to do this?
  • Background Music: These can be so annoying if the song sucks or if I'm ALREADY listening to music. It just makes a big mess
  • Page O Rings: ARGH! Just put these dang things on another page you meatballhead!

  • Plagurism: It's repulsive that people would actually copy another's work without giving the least bit of credit to them!
  • Messed Up Info: It still makes me cringe everytime I see a page refer to the outer senshi as "scouts"
  • Animated Gifs: These are usually so tacky and take forever to laod!
  • Same Old: I'm so sick of seeing character profiles that just gimme that stat crap! Tell me more about the senshi's personality and your opinions on them!
  • Fake Thumbnails: I hope you know that setting the height and width to a smaller number does not actually make the image smaller! Your page will take forever to load!
  • Crazy Backgrounds: Just because an image is nice doesn't mean that it will make a good background! If you use a dark background, choose a light text color, and if you use a light background, use a dark text color.

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Keep in mind that no server is perfect, there's always a little bit of downtime and occasional bugs to work out.