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April 8th, 1999

Things didn't run as smoothly as they should of this month due to Tripod's annoying error messages. They wouldn't let either of us log-in for a while O_x Well at least we FINALLY managed to get some updates in when Tripod wasn't looking.

Same image, new layout. We liked the old layout for it's unusual shape, but the image was faded just a bit too much and it would be a pain changing the menu everytime we came up with a new idea. So we decided to go with this simpler look that can be changed around easily when neccessary.

There are also a few new sections such as the editorials. I can imagine a million people groaning over this because it's not exactly an original idea, yet no two editorials are exactly alike and we've always been big fans of reading and writing them.

Another new section is the Freebie area. This part of DRR will be updated on a monthly basis like the reviews. It will feature some downloadable items like Sailormoon images, music, etc.

Updates and links have their own page now, fixed some minor Netscape bugs in the style sheet, added a lil star bg to tables, and the Strategy section will continue to expand ^_^ Drop by again next month!