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Before fully explaining ourselves, I (Mnemosyne), would like to mention that this site has only been in the works for a few weeks. We have a lot of ideas for this webpage, but will not post any of those sections until they are completed. So don't just assume that this site is as small and boring as it currently appears, we're working hard behind-the-scenes ^_~

Hopefully this site will be more unique and distinguishable among the other review teams already in existance once we finish the rest of the sections.

Of course we realize that several other great Sailormoon review teams have come before us and chances are, we'll be bombarded with e-mails accusing us of being copycats. Well the fact is I suppose we are. The idea of a review teams is nothing new and it certaintly didn't appear to us out of the blue. So why did we make this page then? It's basically for fun! Lethe and I thought it would be a new and exciting project to become involved in.

There's also the obvious reason for this site, to show Sailormoon fans what a well-done page looks like and give examples of what really sucks! And we certaintly know what's out there! Both of us are big fans of the Sailormoon series and visit pages dedicated to the show on a daily basis. Sometimes the things we see make us want to cry! People really need to learn how to use common sense when displaying their works on the www for all to see.

Our rating system is pretty self-explanitory but here's a bit of information anyway.

First things's first, we supply you with the URL for the page we're discussing. Then there are some ratings on the site layout, content, loading time, and an overall average. These grades are based on 1-10. 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, duh! Anything below a 5 is considered to be poorly put together.

Next up is our opinions on the greatest and worst qualities of a site. Not everyone will agree with us, but it just happens to be our personal impressions of the site being reviewed. And remember--no matter how wonderful a site may seem, there's fault in everything, even our own site ^_^;;

After this you'll find out full review on the page. Here all the goods and bads are analysed. We tell you why we have these opinions. We'll also be talking about other notable parts of the website that we believe should be brought to light.

Finally, the conclusion section. Here we give our final thoughts on the site and give some tips on how the problems can be fixed or what can be improved.

Wondering how we choose the sites we review? Well like I said before, both of us surf a lot and sometimes a page will just stand out as absolutely atrocious or amazingly awesome. These sites are often bookmarked or immediately written up. Another source is through e-mail. Anyone can nominate a page to be featured, just click here to do so. Unlike many other review teams, we will not give out your name if the site you have nominated has been chosen. We think it's a matter of privacy, especially if you've nominated a bad page!

What is a GOOD page by your standards?

Unique Content: I really need to emphasize this, especially now that so many people seem to think that eye candy or a cool domain name is all that counts. Well of course a good design helps, but original information, activities, etc make the site worth visiting again.
Good Design & Loading Time: We're looking for layouts that work! It's a lot easier to read your content if it's set-up in a way that won't cause epileptic seizures!

What is a BAD page by your standards?

Plagurism/Image Theft: Taking something from someone else's site is a definate no-no! The worst is cutting and pasting someone's hard work or direct linking of images. We'll be checking pages for credit if something here seems amiss.
Wrong Information: OK, how many times do we have to point out that the outer SENSHI are not SCOUTS?! And how many times do we have to say that Haruka and Michiru are LESBIANS? Nuff said.
Bad Layout and/or Loading-Time: These would be the 'jumbled mess' pages we so frequently see. They are often just a bunch of pictures and huge text in no particular order.

Those are the main problems, but other things such as broken links, lots of blinking text, and annoying javascripts can also contribute to a bad page review.

We are two Sailormoon fans who just couldn't resist the idea of a fresh, new review team! After going through just about every character that existed in SM, we finally agreed that Sailor Lethe and Sailor Mnemosyne had the most potential. They have different personalities that can easily be worked with and they represent two elements that sort of go hand-in-hand with Sailormoon sites--memory and forgetfulness.

Our true identities will remain a secret, but to learn about the original Sailor Lethe and Sailor Mnemosyne from Naoko Takeuchi's Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon manga, please visit our humble shrine!